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Heaven Knows showcases Terry Manning’s talent . . . [an] amazing album.”
—EyesIn Magazine

“Manning has amazing talent as both a songwriter and instrumentalist. Highly recommended.”

“Manning is one of the most respected engineers and producers in music history — Led Zeppelin III, the first two Big Star records, Al Green, ZZ Top, the Staple Singers, Albert King, Shakira, Lenny Kravitz, and literally over 100 others have benefitted from his work in either or both capacities. On West Texas Skyline: A Tribute to Bobby Fuller, Manning delivers a 12-song set of tunes associated with Fuller and his biggest influence, Buddy Holly (also from West Texas), as well as a pair of excellent originals. West Texas Skyline is not only one man’s tribute to a criminally underrated artist, but a heartfelt articulation of rock & roll’s roots.”
—All Music Guide

Terry Manning’s career has spanned decades during which he has consistently partnered with the uppermost echelon of the music world’s elite.

“I got into music initially as an artist, and to be an artist,” says Manning. “I just got diverted somewhere along the way in making the records for, you know, like a hundred other artists.”

The near-legendary status and cult-success of Manning’s first record as a recording artist in 1970, Home Sweet Home, left Manning with an even deeper desire over the years to return to his early artist-roots. “Through the years there’s always been this nagging inner voice asking: ‘When are you going to get back to doing your own songs, and making your own recordings?’”

Manning’s recent road back to being the artist he started out as began in 2013, with his critically acclaimed tribute album to mentor Bobby Fuller, West Texas Skyline. Of the album, All Music Guide writes, “Without sounding like a revivalist, Manning digs deep . . . West Texas Skyline is not only one man’s tribute to a criminally underrated artist, but a heartfelt articulation of rock & roll’s roots.”

Many of those roots come into play in strong fashion on his 2015 album Heaven Knows as well—the echoes and influences of The Beach Boys, The Beatles, Big Star, Al Green, and Otis Redding—each and all readily recognizable throughout nine originals and four re-imagined classics.

“Going in to create my own music and sing my own songs for the first time in such a long time, I was pretty emotional about it. I wanted to explore the human soul, and delve into the depths.” Manning adds, “People have such a deep felt need for loving and being loved, and more than anything I wanted to try to capture that overarching human emotion in these songs and with this album.”

Manning’s emotional connection and inspirational commitment to the album is matched by a commitment of perspiration as well: in addition to producing, engineering, mixing, and mastering Heaven Knows, Manning also played most of the instruments and sang all the vocals on the new record. “These are the kinds of things I do on so many of the records I work on, it felt right to do the same for a record of my own.”

Terry Manning is a music maker to be reckoned with—no matter which side of the glass he’s standing on.

Terry Manning - Heaven Knows - Lucky Seven Records - ECR Music Group

Heaven Knows

Terry Manning - West Texas Skyline - A Tribute to Bobby Fuller - Lucky Seven Records - ECR Music Group

West Texas Skyline: A Tribute to Bobby Fuller

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