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“Bonham, from the beginning and increasingly over time, is a riveting, complicated maker of pop music.”

“(She) brings a sophisticated quirkiness to the femme alt-pop table unseen for quite some time.”

“One of alternative rock’s most steadfast and powerful singer-songwriters.”
—Consequence Of Sound

“Bonham has definitely hit her groove.”
—Rolling Stone

“As addictive as ever.”
—Brooklyn Vegan

“Bonham is a unique and versatile vocalist and writer with much more to offer than just that feisty hit.”
—The Charlotte Observer

Tracy Bonham’s The Burdens of Being Upright achieved Gold Record status in 1996, spawning the chart-topping hit “Mother Mother.” A pair of Grammy™ nominations followed, along with an MTV Video Award nomination for the single, which has remained a powerful anthem for the disenfranchised and isolated.

After following The Burdens of Being Upright with the critically-acclaimed album Down Here—heralded by All Music Guide as “a smart, assured, and distinctive second effort that is a quantum leap past her debut”—Bonham moved to Los Angeles to become the featured vocalist and violinist for Blue Man Group. 2005’s Blink The Brightest cemented her as the commercial and artful songwriter her fans had already come to love, with multiple TV and film placements and her third extensive tour in as many records. Subsequent to her move back to Brooklyn, her 2010 album Masts of Manhatta garnered rave reviews and landed her her second appearance on The Tonight Show. “Unfalteringly charming lyricism,” was Billboard’s praise for the record, while Rolling Stone called the album, “a gorgeous celebration of adult love.”

Her most recent releases—both 2015’s Wax & Gold, and Modern Burdens (which made Rolling Stone’s Top 50 albums of 2017)—have further underlined exactly what makes Tracy Bonham a stand-out serious artist with a unique set of talents. As PopMatters aptly describes, “Bonham, from the beginning and increasingly over time, is a riveting, complicated maker of pop music.”

Tracy Bonham - Modern Burdens - ECR Music Group - NYC

Modern Burdens

Tracy Bonham - Wax and Gold - ECR Music Group - NYC

Wax & Gold

Tracy Bonham - Masts Of Manhatta - ECR Music Group - NYC

Masts Of Manhatta

Tracy Bonham - Blink The Brightest - ECR Music Group - NYC

Blink The Brightest

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