Miles East

Ghosts of Hope

Miles East - Ghosts Of Hope - ECR Music Group

Track Listing

01. Leave It All Behind (2:47)
02. The Hard Part (3:37)
03. Learn To Bend (4:54)
04. You Win (4:43)
05. Saltwater Breeze (5:10)
06. That’s The Way (4:12)
07. The Fight (3:28)
08. Losing Faith (3:07)
09. Camouflage (4:25)
10. Joy (3:29)


“A sparkling debut . . . I love this songwriter!” —No Depression

“Yearning Americana for you . . . courtesy of US songwriter Miles East. Comparisons for this one include Dawes, Jason Isbell and Ray LaMontagne. [We’re] delighted….” —Songwriting Magazine

“A turning point in this artist’s career from being a drummer on national tours, to committing solely to his passion for singing and songwriting. His sound completely his own….” —Dan’s Papers

Album Credits

Written by Miles East
(Peltone Lily Music, BMI)
“That’s The Way” written by Jimmy Page & Robert Plant
(Superhype Publishing Inc. c/o WB Music Corp. / Warner Chappell Music Inc., ASCAP)

Produced by Blake Morgan
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Blake Morgan at Valiant Recording, NYC

Miles East: lead and background vocals, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, drums, percussion
Mike Errico: acoustic guitar, electric guitar, resonator guitar, lap steel guitar, percussion
Blake Morgan: bass guitar, piano, reed organ, background vocals

Photography by Taylor Ballantyne
Art direction by Blake Morgan, Miles East and David Cloyd
Production Design by David Cloyd

©2016 ECR Music Group. All rights reserved. Unauthorized duplication is a violation of applicable laws.

Tracy Bonham

Wax & Gold

Tracy Bonham - Wax and Gold - ECR Music Group - NYC

Track Listing

01. Noonday Demon (3:37)
02. Luck (3:06)
03. Wax & Gold (3:21)
04. This Here’s My Grandpa’s Guitar (4:56)
05. Oh McKenzie Silver Water (3:06)
06. Gonegonegone (3:07)
07. Black Tears (4:23)
08. From the Tree to the Hand to the Page (3:16)
09. Under the Ruby Moon (4:26)
10. Lovelovelovelovelove (3:24)
11. One of These Days (3:07)


“Tracy Bonham celebrates family life all over her fifth album—it’s full of gorgeous Americana twang, cut in Woodstock with guests like Langhorne Slim and Amy Helm. Nearly 20 years after “Mother Mother,” she testifies about the hopes and fears of being a rock & roll mama in tunes like “Black Tears” and “Luck.” The emotional peak is also the musical one: “This Here’s My Grandpa’s Guitar,” where she takes that guitar on a journey from her childhood roots (“I wish I could go back in time/To hear him play ‘Sweet Adeline’”), trying to catch an echo of his old-school sound long enough to pass it on to the next generation.” —Rob Sheffield, Rolling Stone

Album Credits

Written by Tracy Bonham
(Little Bon Bon Music, ASCAP)
“Luck” and “Lovelovelovelovelove” written by Tracy Bonham and Kevin Salem
(BMG Platinum Songs US, BMI / Van Rier Music, BMI)

Tracy Bonham: vocals, violin, piano, Hammond organ
Jim Boggia: vocals, ukulele
Jay Collins: flute, baritone saxophone
Mike DuClos: bass guitar, upright bass
Aaron Freeman: vocals
Amy Helm: vocals
Langhorne Slim: vocals
Joe Magistro: drums, percussion
Kevin Salem: guitar, banjo, dobro

Produced by Tracy Bonham and Kevin Salem
Engineered by Chris Bittner, Kevin Salem and Kenny Siegal
Mixed and mastered by Kevin Salem

Cover photo by Sherwin Lainez

©2015 A Woody Hollow under exclusive license to ECR Music Group. All rights reserved. Unauthorized duplication is a violation of applicable laws.


Didn’t You, My Dear? (Deluxe Edition)

Janita - Didn't You, My Dear? - ECR Music Group

Track Listing

01. Some Serious Gravity (4:39)
02. Beautiful You Are (4:42)
03. Easing Into Sanity (4:21)
04. Traces Upon Your Face (4:19)
05. No Excuses (4:14)
06. They Call It Love (2:34)
07. Who’s Gonna Tell The Wolf She’s Not A Dog (3:56)
08. What My Silence Means (4:02)
09. Clap Hands (4:07)
10. Won’t Make A Sound (2:39)
11. Short Cut (Bonus Track) (2:57)
12. Start From Scratch (Bonus Track) (3:32)
13. Hunt You Down (Bonus Track) (3:46)


Didn’t You, My Dear? is a ten-track collection of musical brilliance. Introspective, sonically refreshing, and rife with homage to classic American styles of music, this album beckons for a deep, active listen.”
—Baeble Music

“Janita mesmerizes . . . (She) remains an artist who sticks to her personal creative vision without having to rely too heavily on her outer appearance or what’s trendy. Her distinctive vocals are her stand-out asset, ranging between an edgier Feist and a softer Florence Welch.”
—Paste Magazine

“This woman’s got the goods.”
—Billboard Magazine

“This belle can belt and pen. Janita teems with vocal wattage and knows it.”
—The Village Voice

“It probably shouldn’t be allowed for someone as talented as singer-songwriter Janita to, also, be goddess beautiful. She not only writes beautifully powerful songs, but sings with such passion and conviction that it’s hard to take your eyes off her.”
—The Telegraph (UK)

“For some artists, it’s enough to be known by one name like Madonna, Prince, Sade, and Sting. Janita might be another name to add to the list.”

Album Credits

Written by Janita
(Ofir Music, ASCAP)
except “Clap Hands” written by Tom Waits
(Jaima Music, ASCAP)

Produced by Blake Morgan
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Blake Morgan at Valiant Recording, NYC
Drums recorded at Euphoria Studios, NYC

Janita: vocals, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, piano, percussion
Blake Morgan: electric guitar, lap steel guitar, keyboards, piano, bass guitar, marimba, percussion
Andrea Longato: electric guitar solo on “Clap Hands”
Miles East: drums

Photography by Paul Jung
Art direction and production design by Lizzie Zweng

The making of this album was kindly supported by Musiikin Edistamissäätiö (MES)

©2015 ECR Music Group. All rights reserved. Unauthorized duplication is a violation of applicable laws.

Terry Manning

Heaven Knows

Terry Manning - Heaven Knows - Lucky Seven Records - ECR Music Group

Track Listing

01. It’s You (Beacon) (4:33)
02. Heaven Knows (3:29)
03. Look At Me (Everything About You) (3:17)
04. Where Are You (3:39)
05. Things Are Gonna Be Fine (2:46)
06. God Only Knows (3:57)
07. Oh My Love (4:13)
08. Let’s Stay Together (4:42)
09. Not At All (The Way It Used To Be) (3:46)
10. These Arms Of Mine (4:47)
11. Loving You (4:59)
12. Life Is Good (‘Cause URU) (4:10)
13. A Perfect Day (1:05)


Heaven Knows showcases Terry Manning’s talent . . . [an] amazing album.”
—EyesIn Magazine

“Manning has amazing talent as both a songwriter and instrumentalist. Highly Recommended.”

“Manning is one of the most respected engineers and producers in music history—Led Zeppelin III, the first two Big Star records, Al Green, ZZ Top, the Staple Singers, Albert King, Shakira, Lenny Kravitz, and literally over 100 others have benefitted from his work in either or both capacities.”
—All Music Guide

Album Credits

Written by Terry Manning
(Mud Bluff Music, BMI)
“God Only Knows” written by Brian Wilson and Tony Asher
(Irving Music, BMI)
Additional lyrics by Terry Manning
“Let’s Stay Together” written by Al Green, Willie Mitchell and Al Jackson, Jr.
(Al Green Music, BMI / Irving Music, BMI / Al Jackson, Jr. Music, BMI)
“These Arms Of Mine” written by Otis Redding
(Irving Music, BMI / Regent Music, BMI)
Additional lyrics by Terry Manning
“Loving You” written by Jerry Lieber and Mike Stoller
(Unichappel Music, BMI / Crudup Music, BMI)
“Life Is Good (‘Cause URU)” written by Terry Manning and Siama Matuzungidi
(Mud Bluff Music, BMI)

Terry Manning: vocals, background vocals, guitars, pianos, keyboards, electric piano, harpsichord, mellotron, strings, violin, viola, cello, bass guitar, drums, tympani
Wally Ingram: drums
Christine Gangelhoff: flutes
Christian Justilian: flugelbone, euphonium
Jean Nadeau: drums
Bill Dobrow: drums
Tino Richardson: alto saxophone
Howard Grimes: drums, congas
Charles Hodges: Hammond organ
Leroy (Flick) Hodges: bass guitar
Wayne Jackson: trumpet, trombone
Andrew Love: tenor saxophone
Charlie Chalmers: background vocals
Sandra Rhodes: background vocals
Brenda Bennett: background vocals
Marvel Thomas: piano, Hammond organ
Mark Franklin: trumpet
Tom Link: tenor saxophone
Jim Hilburn: bass guitar
Bob Spencer: guitar
Siame Matuzungidi: guitars, bass guitar, drums, percussion
Nelly Kovalev: violins

Produced, recorded and mastered by Terry Manning
A Compass Point Recording

Cover photo by Robert Llewellyn/Corbis
Art direction by David Cloyd, Blake Morgan and Terry Manning
Production design by David Cloyd

©2015 Lucky Seven Records under exclusive license to ECR Music Group. All rights reserved. Unauthorized duplication is a violation of applicable laws.

David Poe

God & The Girl

David Poe - God and the Girl - ECR Music Group - NYC

Track Listing

01. Honey Moon (3:22)
02. Lonely Like Me (3:48)
03. Let There Be No Longing (3:10)
04. Taffeta (3:48)
05. Wild One (3:54)
06. When I Fly (3:11)
07. World Above the World (5:16)
08. Remember (2:51)
09. Thank You (Big Bloody Heart) (3:46)
10. The Devil (3:50)
11. These are the Days (3:43)


“David Poe gives the singer-songwriter genre a much-needed jolt.”
—Rolling Stone

“Storytelling with beautiful, lush, guitar-underpinned music.”

“The perfect man.”
—Time Out! New York

Album Credits

Written by David Poe
(Charming Martyr Music, BMI)

John Abbey: Bass on “Wild One” and “World Above”
Jorge Balbi: Drums on “Wild One” and “World Above”
Emile Kelman: Cello on “Lonely Like Me,” “Wild One,” “World Above,” and “These Are the Days”
Freddy Koella: Guitar and Violin on “Thank You”
Ben Peeler: Lap Steel on “When I Fly”
Amy Raasch: Vocals on “Thank You”
Louis Schwadron: French Horn on “Honey Moon”
John ‘Scrapper’ Sneider: Trumpet on “Thank You”
Darren Weiss: Drums on “Taffeta”
Doug Yowell: Drums on “World Above”
David Poe: Voice, Guitar, Piano, Programming, Percussion

Produced by Emile Kelman
Recorded and mixed at The Night Kitchen, Los Angeles
Mastered by Reuben Cohen at Lurssen Mastering
Editing and additional engineering by Yonotan Elkayam
“Thank You” recorded by Freddy Koella

Cover photo by Luis Carreira

℗2014 ECR Music Group.
©2014 Charming Martyr Music (BMI). All Rights Reserved. Administered by Modern Works Publishing.