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Publishing Administration

Best-in-class representation and global publishing royalty collection for clients’ owned and controlled compositions in exclusive partnership with Sony Music Publishing.

Simple & Efficient

One-time song setup for registrations across hundreds of organizations.

Increased Revenue

In contrast with smaller operations, ECR Music Publishing’s global reach removes the need for regional and/or sub-publishers, so clients don’t leave their publishing money on the table.


Clients maintain ownership of 100% of their copyrights.

Publishing Services

The One-Stop Shop

ECR Music Publishing can administer 100% of clients’ music rights (recording + publishing) for an efficient, convenient, and trusted client experience.

All-In Sync Licensing

Representing both master and publishing rights means music supervisors know they can come to ECR for efficient clearance of all rights.

Timely Accounting

Affiliations with all societies worldwide means direct foreign royalty collection for accurate and efficient payments, which ECR Music Publishing makes quarterly to its clients.

Global Reach

Leveraging Sony Music Publishing’s worldwide network and best-in-class infrastructure, ECR Music Publishing doesn’t have to rely on sub-publishers to support its artists in all territories throughout the world.

Premium Rates

Because of our exclusive global partnership with the largest publisher in the world (Sony Music Publishing) ECR Music Publishing negotiates premium royalty rates with all digital streaming services and ECR’s clients take full advantage.