David Poe

Shadowland: Music for Pilobolus

David Poe - Shadowland Music for Pilobolus - ECR Music Group - NYC

Track Listing

01. The Music Box (0:34)
02. Like a Storm (4:49)
03. JOY (4:13)
04. Not Enough Night (4:02)
05. Transformation (3:21)
06. New Friends (4:08)
07. Gasket 1: Land Static (4:41)
08. The Elephant (3:50)
09. Mangez La Femme! Frame Chase (6:09)
10. Prologue (1:37)
11. Gasket 2: Hunch Hands (5:04)


“Storytelling with beautiful, lush, guitar-underpinned music.”

“A completely new show, Shadowland will become, without doubt, one of the more important theater events of the new season.”
—Absolute Madrid

“In choreography, if you can’t be a genius, then you must be ingenious. Balanchine is a genius, Robbins is ingenious. Pilobolus Dance Theatre, I would have said a year ago, is simply ingenious. Now I’m not so sure that the gift of ingenuity isn’t capable of once in a while surpassing itself, so that we are shaken out of admiration into awe.”
—The New Yorker

Album Credits

Written by David Poe
(Charming Martyr Music, BMI)

Written, produced and performed by David Poe

℗2011 ECR Music Group.
©2011 Charming Martyr Music (BMI). All Rights Reserved. Administered by Modern Works Publishing.



Janita - Haunted - ECR Music Group

Track Listing

01. Do We Learn (4:39)
02. Last Chance To Run And Hide (4:42)
03. Martian (4:21)
04. Hopelessly Hopeful (4:19)
05. Travels Of Your Mind (4:14)
06. House On Fragile Terrain (2:34)
07. Haunted (3:56)
08. Apologize (4:02)
09. Believe Me I Know (4:07)
10. Out To Get You (4:10)
11. Heal (2:39)


“This woman’s got the goods.”
—Billboard Magazine

“This belle can belt and pen. Janita teems with vocal wattage and knows it.”
—The Village Voice

“It probably shouldn’t be allowed for someone as talented as singer-songwriter Janita to, also, be goddess beautiful. She not only writes beautifully powerful songs, but sings with such passion and conviction that it’s hard to take your eyes off her.”
—The Telegraph (UK)

“For some artists, it’s enough to be known by one name like Madonna, Prince, Sade, and Sting. Janita might be another name to add to the list.”

Album Credits

Written by Janita and Tomi Sachary
(Ofir Music, ASCAP / I Play Music, ASCAP)
“Haunted” and “Last Chance To Run And Hide” written by Janita
(Ofir Music, ASCAP)
“Apologize” written by Janita and John Deley
(Ofir Music, ASCAP / 540 Music, ASCAP)

Produced by Janita, Tomi Sachary and Jamie Siegel
“Haunted” and “Out To Get You” produced by Jamie Siegel
“Hopelessly Hopeful” produced by Tomi Sachary
Recorded by Tomi Sachary at Longview Studios, MA
Recorded by Jamie Siegel at JRock Studios, NY

All strings arranged and conducted by Tomi Sachary
Strings recorded by Tomi Sachary at Finnvox, Helsinki

Violin: Terhi Paldanius, Minna Pensola, Antti Tikkanen, Elina Viitasaari
Viola: Riitta-Liisa Ristiluoma, Jussi Tuhkanen
Cello: Päivi Ahonen, Anne Lagercrantz
Mixed by Jamie Siegel at JRock Studios, NY
Mastered by Blake Morgan at Valiant Recording, NYC

Janita: vocals, background vocals
John Caban: guitar
Nicholas D’Amato: bass guitar
John Deley: piano, keyboards, synthesizer bass
Ethan Eubanks: drums
Cameron Greider: guitar
Jeff Hill: bass guitar
Karsh Kale: percussion
Robin Macatangay: guitar
Tomi Sachary: background vocals, guitar, bass guitar
Joe Tomino: drums

Design by Jussi “S” Karjalainen / Studio Super 8
Production design by David Cloyd
Photography by Jim Herrington
Makeup and hair by Emi Koizumi
Styling by Lydia Rodrigues / Project No. 8

©2010 ECR Music Group. All rights reserved. Unauthorized duplication is a violation of applicable laws.

Tracy Bonham

Masts Of Manhatta

Tracy Bonham - Masts Of Manhatta - ECR Music Group - NYC

Track Listing

01. Devil’s Got Your Boyfriend (4:37)
02. Your Night Is Wide Open (4:27)
03. Big Red Heart (4:40)
04. Josephine (4:13)
05. When You Laugh The World Laughs With You (5:47)
06. We Moved Our City To The Country (5:47)
07. Reciprocal Feelings (3:58)
08. In the Moonlight (5:05)
09. You’re My Is-ness (4:28)
10. Angel, Won’t You Come Down? (4:08)
11. I Love You Today (2:24)


Masts of Manhatta is another rich Tracy Bonham album, a generous array of song structures, hooks, clever lyrics, strong bass lines, delicious textures, effective arrangements, and strong vocal (and fiddle) performances. Like all her work, Masts is a grower, a collection that deepens on repeated listenings.” —PopMatters

Album Credits

Written by Tracy Bonham
(Little Bon Bon Music, ASCAP)

Tracy Bonham: vocals, violin, guitar, piano, Fender Rhodes, claves, cardboard box
Andy Borger: drums, percussion
Dan Cho: cello
Matt Glaser: fiddle
Smokey Hormel: guitar
Josh Lattanzi: slide guitar
Tim Lunztel: bass guitar, upright bass
Konrad Meissner: percussion
Ken Rich: tuba
Andrew Sherman: Wurlitzer

Produced by Tracy Bonham
Engineered by Ken Rich
Vocal recording by Jason Sarubbi and Matt Werden
Mixed by Tchad Blake
Mastered by Adam Ayan

Artwork by Donnie Molls
Design and layout by Megan Volz

©2010 A Woody Hollow under exclusive license to ECR Music Group. All rights reserved. Unauthorized duplication is a violation of applicable laws.

David Cloyd

I Could Disappear

David Cloyd - I Could Disappear - ECR Music Group

Track Listing

01. Unhand Me, You Fiend! (Solo Version) (2:52)
02. The Wire (Solo Version) (5:04)
03. The First Sign (Solo Version) (2:59)
04. We’re Coming For You Anyway (Solo Version) (4:05)
05. Never Run (Solo Version) (4:14)
06. Come Out Wherever You Are (Solo Version) (4:36)
07. Give Your Enemies A Chance To Rest (Solo Version) (5:44)
08. Sold Out Bargain (Solo Version) (4:18)
09. She Asks Me (Solo Version) (2:48)


“And for Cloyd, all those possibilities finally seem within reach. . .”
—New York Magazine

“It seems the work of a single, quirky mind with a lot of time on its hands—and it’s a joy to listen to.”

“If there’s a familiarity to Cloyd’s music, it’s the strange way good music, even music new to your ears, already seems familiar.”
—This Is Just A Modern Rock Blog

Album Credits

Written by David Cloyd
(Avalanche Machine Music, BMI)

David Cloyd: vocals, electric guitar, piano

Produced and recorded by Blake Morgan and David Cloyd
Mixed and mastered by Blake Morgan at Valiant Recording, NYC

Production design, photgraphy and artwork by David Cloyd

©2010 ECR Music Group. All rights reserved. Unauthorized duplication is a violation of applicable laws.

Jill Sobule

California Years (Deluxe Edition)

Jill Sobule - California Years Album Cover - ECR Music Group NYC

Track Listing

01. Palm Springs (4:42)
02. San Francisco (4:50)
03. Nothing To Prove (3:10)
04. Where Is Bobby Gentry? (3:11)
05. A Good Life (3:06)
06. Sweetheart (3:01)
07. Empty Glass (3:11)
08. League Of Failures (4:48)
09. Wendell Lee (4:43)
10. Bloody Valentine (3:38)
11. Mexican Pharmacy (2:59)
12. While You Were Sleeping (3:07)
13. Spiderman (3:21)
14. The Donor Song (1:46)


“Jill Sobule can claim her place among the stellar New York singer-songwriters of the last decade. Topical, funny and more than a little poignant . . . grown-up music for an adolescent age.”
—New York Times

“Vocally gifted and lyrically witty . . . a peerless satirist.”
—People Magazine

“A feisty post-punk feminist whose work brings to mind a cross between Liz Phair and Gertrude Stein.”
—The New Yorker

Album Credits

Written by Jill Sobule and Robin Eaton
(Feel My Pain Music/Administered by Bug Music, ASCAP / Left Right Left Publishing/Administered by Bug Music, BMI)
“Spiderman” written by Jill Sobule and Bill Demain
(Feel My Pain Music/Administered by Bug Music, ASCAP / Mr. Bakshi Administered by Bug Music, SESAC)
“The Donor Song” Written by Jill Sobule
(Feel My Pain Music/Administered by Bug Music, ASCAP)

Jill Sobule: vocals, acoustic guitar, lead guitar, banjo, piano, weird solo, electric “shredding”
Robin Eaton: vocals, Casio
John Doe: vocals
Geoff Pearlman: vocals
Byron Head: vocals
Jo Pottinger: vocals
Greg Leisz: pedal steel, dobro, mandolin
Mark Goldenberg: guitar, dumb-sounding fuzz guitar, slide guitar, piano
Bill Demain: guitar
Benmont Tench: organ
Jamie Muhoberac: organ
Don Was: bass
Dave Carpenter: vocals, bass, piano
Jim Keitner: drums

Produced by Don Was
Engineered by Krish Sharma
Recorded at Henson Studios
Mastered by Ted Jensen at Sterling Sound

©2009 ECR Music Group. All rights reserved. Unauthorized duplication is a violation of applicable laws.