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“Janita is creating a timeless, sensuous, musical mosaic that deserves to be heard.”
—Billboard Magazine

“She sings with such passion and conviction that it’s hard to take your eyes off her.”
—The Telegraph (UK)

Few artists have combined such fierce independence with mainstream success to the degree Janita has. Two Top-40 U.S. Billboard hits, a devoted international audience on four continents, and iconic stature in her native Finland haven’t made Janita complacent, on the contrary—she’s an artist who has never stopped evolving.

From teenage star in Helsinki to chart-topping star in New York City, from ballad singer to Rock ’n Roll front woman, Janita has created “a timeless, sensuous, musical mosaic that deserves to be heard,” proclaims Billboard Magazine.

“What I love most is that my audience has grown with me,” says Janita. “Not only have they joined me on my adventure from caterpillar to butterfly so to speak, they’ve fueled that adventure. I once had long hair and wore flowing dresses, and now I’ve got cropped hair, tailored suits, and I’m playing a damn Gibson SG, man. But the thing is, it’s always been about the music for me, and my audience—wonderfully—has understood and loved that.”

Having moved to New York City at seventeen, her cross-continental career since has been one marked by a unique blend of dichotomies: striking looks and unsettling power, an enchanting smile with a lethal gift for melody, critical acclaim and commercial success. Her journey from sultry songstress to Alternative rock singer-songwriter reached new heights with her most recent record Here Be Dragons (2021). Downtown Magazine declared her work to be “Anthem(s) of clarity and hope … Janita’s striking gender-bending look and mesmerizing ice-blue eyes bring to mind Annie Lennox and Bowie’s Thin White Duke-era guise; her voice is pure lilting compassion.” Paste Magazine adds, “Janita mesmerizes … her distinctive vocals are her stand-out asset, ranging between an edgier Feist and a softer Florence Welch.”

Now, as she prepares to release her forthcoming new record Mad Equation (out next year on ECR Music Group), Janita is announcing a three-concert, full-band residency in New York City: May 15th, July 18th, and September 19th. She’ll be performing music spanning her singular career on three memorable and distinct evenings while being joined onstage by special guests Blake Morgan, Miles East, and Tim Lappin (of Casual Male).

“We’re going to air out these new songs and debut them here in New York City along with some fan favorites, and some surprises too,” Janita explains. “I can’t wait.”

Tickets on sale now for these three nights of music which will tie together this remarkable artist’s past and future as she and her all-star band bring new and old material to life in front of a live audience.

Janita - Here Be Dragons - Album Cover - ECR Music Group

Here Be Dragons

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Didn’t You, My Dear? (Deluxe Edition)

Janita - Haunted - ECR Music Group


Janita - Seasons Of Life - ECR Music Group

Seasons of Life (Deluxe Edition)

Janita - I'll Be Fine - ECR Music Group

I’ll Be Fine

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