Meridian - ECR Music Group

Artist Services / Development

Meridian is ECR Music Group’s artist-services imprint dedicated to the breakthrough success of emerging artists, in exclusive partnership with The Orchard and Sony Music.

Targeted & Powerful

Customized year-long campaigns specifically tailored to an artist’s project-based goals.

Increased Audience

Meridian’s artist-development team ensures that the artistic vision of emerging artists not only develops, but resonates, and reaches a growing audience.


Artists maintain ownership of 100% of their master recordings.

Artist Services

Greater Leverage

Efficient quarterly budgets allow artists to leverage ECR’s best-in-class global infrastructure on behalf of their music.

Complete Toolkit

Our scaleable artist-services campaigns include label promotion, advertising and marketing, press campaigns, TV and film licensing, social media management, playlist curation and promotion, concert booking, music publishing, merchandising, vinyl pressing, brand partnerships, web services, and premiere physical and digital distribution.

Timely Accounting

While providing comprehensive, itemized statements, Meridian collects and pays out 100% of master-recording revenue to its artists, quarterly.

Global Reach

With offices in New York City, Los Angeles, and London, Meridian promotes and distributes its artists in 242 countries and territories throughout the world.

Major-Label Muscle

Because of ECR’s exclusive global partnership with The Orchard (Sony Music), Meridian’s artist-services campaigns enjoy major-label influence and advantages at retailers (Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, etc.).

The Artists of Meridian

Grace McLean - Artist Image - Meridian - ECR Music Group

Grace McLean

The Heroic Enthusiasts - Meridian - ECR Music Group

The Heroic Enthusiasts

Melissa Giges - ECR Music Group - Photo by Cathrine Westergaard

Melissa Giges