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“Miles East is a notable singer-songwriter…relentless writing and production with the forcefulness and clarity of a supergroup.”
—Rolling Stone

“If you thought that the golden age of the singer-songwriter was a time long past, the marvelous music of Miles East suggests that, in the circular nature of musical timelines, another is perhaps just around the corner.”
—The Big Takeover

“A musical masterpiece that transcends genres. [Miles East] walks that fine line between joy and uncertainty with the talent and finesse you’d expect from an expert.”

“Echoing the deeply nostalgic vibes of retro guitar rock and stylish pop bangers, East’s music is a unique expression…hinting at the classic sound of pioneers like Paul McCartney and Beck within East’s brand of indie melodic pop-rock.”
—Indie Rock (UK)

“Stunning…utterly timeless. New York City-based singer-songwriter Miles East is a truly formidable talent.”
—Plastic Magazine

Miles East has won himself a newfound global audience ahead of the release of his new record—Rolling Stone coverage, more than 300,000 streams for the album’s advance singles, and a fervent fanbase on five continents have fueled the eagerly-anticipated release of Between Lightning and Thunder, out now on ECR Music Group.

“You start out writing songs in a vacuum, out of need, and out of hope that people will listen,” says East. “But once that work exits that vacuum and enters the world, you don’t know how it will be greeted. The response to this music has brought an amazed smile to my face, with some joyful tears too. It’s incredible.”

The collection of songs on Between Lightning and Thunder constitute a voyage through the dark waters of a relationship in crisis. “Some songs serve as distant beacons of light guiding the voyager through that darkness,” explains East, “While others are the dark water itself, portending imminent danger or its ever-present threat.”

The voyage begins with a promise couched in desperate optimism with the record’s opening track “Better Than Here,” and ends with a redemption, profound in its quiet simplicity, with the plaintive “All I Need.” Already featured on Apple Music’s coveted “New In Rock” editorial playlist, the album’s second track “All Hands On Deck” is a straightforward and urgent call to action in the face of seemingly insurmountable adversity. “Lucky to Be Here Tonight” honors the places and people in our lives who, in defiance of circumstance, still make it a blessing to live in a world seemingly falling down around us.

Of the album’s stand-out penultimate track “Song of Hope,” East offers, “In our overindulgence of pessimistic narratives, we often and unwittingly tune out, turning a deaf ear to the melodies sung by our better angels. ‘Song of Hope’ invites us to tune back in and embrace, with anticipation, the possibility of a brighter future.”

Produced, recorded, mixed, and mastered by acclaimed music-maker and indie-music luminary Blake Morgan, Between Lightning and Thunder navigates a sonic landscape mapped by the longitude and latitude of Beck’s Sea Change and Paul McCartney’s Ram. Its songs summon recollections of Iron & Wine, Ray LaMontagne, and Jason Isbell.

After more than a decade atop New York City’s recording scene as a premier session and touring drummer, Miles East (vocals, acoustic guitars, drums), was joined in the studio only by Morgan (bass, electric guitars, keyboards, backing vocals) and polymath and multi-hyphenate musician Justin Goldner (electric guitars, baritone) for this new record. “Blake and I have worked in the studio together countless times—as we did on my first record,” says East. “But we wanted to add a new flavor to the stew this time with Justin, who is as accomplished and stunning a musician as you’ll ever have the privilege to meet. The resulting aural stew, its scope and its depth, is an exquisitely rich one rendered by only us—three musicians.”

Between Lightning and Thunder is out now on ECR Music Group.

Between Lightning and Thunder - Album Cover - Miles East - ECR Music Group

Between Lightning And Thunder

"All Hands On Deck" - Single Cover - Miles East - ECR Music Group

“All Hands On Deck” (Single)

"Lucky To Be Here Tonight" - Single Cover - Miles East - ECR Music Group

“Lucky To Be Here Tonight” (Single)

"Better Than Here" - Single Cover - Miles East - ECR Music Group

“Better Than Here” (Single)

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