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New Remixes of Lesley Gore’s “You Don’t Own Me” by The Heroic Enthusiasts to be Released Feb 16 on ECR Music Group, Following Gore’s Recent #1 Billboard Resurgence and Calvin Klein Advertisement with Jeremy Allen White

ECR Music Group’s November 2023 deluxe-edition rerelease of the acclaimed final album of Lesley Gore (fully restored, remixed, and remastered by the album’s original producer and ECR founder, Blake Morgan), has fueled an extraordinary resurgence for Gore around the world.

In addition to her classic, “You Don’t Own Me,” being paired with Jeremy Allen White in Calvin Klein’s new global advertising campaign, she also just made history by hitting #1 on Billboard’s TikTok chart—her first Billboard #1 since 1963.

Now, ECR label-cousins and accomplished electronic-music duo The Heroic Enthusiasts have created two powerful remixes of Gore’s 2005 version of “You Don’t Own Me,” arriving February 16th.

“We’re honored to have been selected to remix Lesley Gore’s iconic hit ‘You Don’t Own Me,’” says James Tabbi, singer/producer of The Heroic Enthusiasts. “Being entrusted to work on such a prominent, historical song originally produced by the legendary Quincy Jones made us very sensitive about how we should approach the project. We thought it would be amazing to create two versions: a banger anthem for today’s diverse and inclusive generation, and a second track that hints at a Bond theme song with its elegant sophistication led by Lesley’s powerful voice.” Guitarist/producer Thomas Ferrara adds, “The message we wanted to come through loud and clear in both versions is, ‘We are young, we are free, and You Don’t Own Me.’”

The most commercially successful solo artist of the “Girl Group” era of the ‘60s, singer-songwriter Lesley Gore quickly set herself apart. With a string of Quincy Jones-produced chart-topping hits, including “It’s My Party,” “Judy’s Turn To Cry,” and “You Don’t Own Me,” she introduced the world to a brilliant artist with pop instincts and an independent spirit that stood out against the formulaic offerings on the radio. A full-fledged star by age 16, her smash hits rang like anthems for young American women, pointing the way for future generations of rabble-rousing pop singers from Debbie Harry to Lady Gaga.

Produced by Blake Morgan, Ever Since is a timeless collection of classic songs placed in a transparent, pin-lit setting that allows Gore to shine. Included are reimagined versions of two Lesley Gore standards, “You Don’t Own Me” and the Academy Award–nominated “Out Here On My Own” (from Fame), seamlessly interwoven with new songs, including those by Morgan, and Gore herself.

“This remix and remaster of Ever Since isn’t one that attempts to change the nature of this record that so many have loved,” explains Morgan. “On the contrary, it’s a ‘restoration,’ akin to the kind of 4K restoration a movie studio would do for a great movie in their catalog, to preserve it for generations to come. The addition of ‘Love Me By Name’ for this deluxe edition provides the world with a powerful final chapter to this album, and to Lesley’s recording career—an unforgettable one which showcases her artistry at its pinnacle.”

Lesley Gore’s Ever Since [Deluxe Edition] is out now on ECR Music Group.

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