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“Challenging yet innovative… a sound that feels equally nostalgic yet future-facing.”
Clash Magazine

“Striking. Cinematic. [The Heroic Enthusiasts’] creative collaborations deftly merge the intellectual and emotional.”
Post Punk

“A rich and textured soundscape…with layers of synths and driving drum beats that toe the line between classic and refreshing.”

The Heroic Enthusiasts’ ascent over the past two years is as remarkable as it is refreshing—evidence that musicianship, songwriting, and studio expertise still matter in today’s all-too-often jaded music world.

Amassing a fanbase on four continents and half-a-million streams across the release of two critically acclaimed EPs, two groundbreaking covers of 80s classics, and two stunning remixes of Lesley Gore’s classic “You Don’t Own Me,” the duo is now preparing to release their first full-length record on Meridian (ECR Music Group) with lead single “All I Want” out June 25th. This new track and album are helmed by one of the past half-century’s most indelible and influential producers, Stephen Hague. “The Heroic’s stuff is a breath of fresh air,” says Hague, producer of New Order, Pet Shop Boys, Erasure, and Peter Gabriel. “Specifically, it’s their songcraft and their musicality.”

The New York duo—comprised of James Tabbi and Thomas Ferrara—was initially born from a shared love of Brit-pop, New Wave, and Post-Punk following solo efforts and as founding members of bands Eleven Pond (Tabbi) and Bullseye (Ferrara). However, their almost two-year working relationship with Hague has now grown into one of mutual respect and friendship, and the duo now find themselves collaborating with the visionary music maker whose sound defines those very genres. “This entire album is truly a collaboration of these three musical devotees,” explains Tabbi. “The process began with sketches of sixteen songs, demoed, recorded, edited, and sent back and forth from New York to London over several months. Ten tracks were selected—five have the core Heroic duo as co-writers, and five are co-written with Stephen.”

Clash Magazine hails The Heroic Enthusiasts as “Challenging yet innovative…a sound that feels equally nostalgic yet future-facing.” Post Punk calls the duo’s work “Striking, cinematic…creative collaborations [that] deftly merge the intellectual and emotional.” Plastic Magazine adds, “A stunning synth pop sound full of pulsing rhythms, vibrant synth tones, and delicate guitar flourishes, all capped by [James Tabbi’s] rich vocal leads.”

Of their forthcoming full-length record Illuminate, guitarist Thomas Ferrara offers, “In uncertain times, the world can seem more opaque than ever. In the face of that, we wanted to create an album of clear, powerful, and uplifting songs, and the album’s first single ‘All I Want’ is exactly that.” James Tabbi adds, “This new record acknowledges the darkness, and offers some much-needed light—a ray of hope in a world on fire, reminding us all that even in the darkest of times, there is always a beacon to light a way forward.”

The Heroic Enthusiasts’ “All I Want,” produced by Stephen Hague, is out June 25th on Meridian (ECR Music Group).

All I Want - Single Cover - The Heroic Enthusiasts - Meridian - ECR Music Group

“All I Want” (Single)

Lesley Gore You Don't Own Me Remixes - Cover - The Heroic Enthusiasts - Meridian - ECR Music Group

Lesley Gore—You Don’t Own Me [The Heroic Enthusiasts Remixes]

Tears Run Rings - Single Cover - The Heroic Enthusiasts - Meridian - ECR Music Group

“Tears Run Rings” (Single)

The Heroic Enthusiasts - It's a Sin - Single Cover - Pet Shop Boys - Meridian - ECR Music Group

“It’s A Sin” (Single)

The Heroic Enthusiasts - Crimes and Passions - EP Cover - Meridian - ECR Music Group

Crimes and Passions (EP)

Heroic Enthusiasts - Fits And Fashions - Album Cover - Meridian - ECR Music Group

Fits and Fashions (EP)

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